This page is an archive of the original design for the City Parks and Grounds Division in 2000 - 2001. 
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What's New?
Charlottesville Va Parks and Grounds

December, 2002: What’s New in the Parks and Grounds Division?

Holiday Greens Cheer Downtown Shoppers

The Holiday season has arrived at the Downtown Mall with holly, pine, magnolia and other assorted greens filling the decorative mall pots.  The mall pots traditionally sport colorful pansies throughout the winter season.  The change this year was initiated by the need to reduce water usage in landscape plantings throughout the city.  Decorative greenery was an appropriate alternative and made use of the cuttings pruned from shrub beds throughout City parks and roadways.  In addition, a large Norway Spruce Holiday tree was erected at City Hall.  This tree was donated by a city resident.  The spirit of the season is reflected throughout the City of Charlottesville, truly a "World Class City".

Landscape Face-Lifts

Fall is the preferred time to plant woody plant materials.  With the return of cool moist weather and the relaxing of water restrictions in the City, the Parks and grounds Horticulture team set out to update some key city garden locations.  The Lewis and Clark Monument at Main and Ridge Streets has been re-planted with holly and boxwood requiring little or no pruning.  Ornamental Kale, pansies and in the spring, daffodils and tulips will add to the festivities of the anniversary celebration of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

The "Mounds" at the intersection of McIntire and Preston has been re-designed to bring year round seasonal color interest.  Expect in early spring February Gold daffodils to begin the show followed by additional daffodil varieties leading to the spectacular tulip display so enjoyed by everyone.  Spring blooming shrubs include native fothergilla and azaleas.  Summer brings us native clethra 'Hummingbird' and Annabelle hydrangeas.  Fall colors contrast yellow and orange and Foster hollies steal the winter show.  Additional plantings of hosta varieties, Hakonechloa grass, painted fern and annuals will dazzle the area with variegated hues.  A stone path will invite the public to come in for a closer look.  Open your eyes to the beauty all around us, "our city is a garden".


A committee consisting of citizens, staff and elected official are working with a landscape architect to create a Master Plan for the Eastern side of McIntire Park.  This area encompasses the McIntire golf course, and the planning process will address issues of field use, walking trails and passive recreational opportunities. For more information, call the Parks office at (434) 970-3589.


Playground equipment at Meade Park is scheduled for replacement and additional equipment is scheduled for installation at Belmont Park this Fall.


Downtown Recreation Center

The Downtown Recreation Center renovations began in July and are scheduled for completion by January 2003.  These renovations will upgrade the interior of the building, provide new exterior windows and doors, provide a new gym floor, add handicapped facilities and air conditioning to the building.

Parks Division Receives Recognition

The Parks Division web site recently received recognition from the Virginia Recreation and Parks Society for 2002 for Best Promotional Effort for Electronic Media (population 25001 - 50,000) (plaque).  In addition, Parks shared the award for Best New Program with the City's Recreation & Leisure Services Division.  The divisions co-sponsored a Fishing Fair for City youth in June, 2002.


The McIntire Park Steering Committee is working on the future of McIntire Park, including focusing on the eastern section which contains the golf course, the wading pool, and the Dogwood VietNam Memorial.  For more information, call the Parks office at (434) 970-3589.  

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DISCLAIMER - this is an archive of the original design for the City Parks and Grounds Division in 2000 - 2001.  It is no longer being updated; for the official, latest "What's New" click here.

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