This is an archive of the original design by Stowe Keller of a web site for the City of Charlottesville Parks and Grounds Division during 2000 - 2001.  Although the official city web site descended from this design, this web site is being preserved as part of Stowe Keller's portfolio only and should NOT be construed as the official web site for the Charlottesville Parks and Grounds Division, which can be found here.  The policies and statements of that Division and the City of Charlottesville supersede any and all information and photos found in this archive.  

This snapshot of Stowe's web site is no longer being maintained and information within should not be assumed to be current.   Parks are periodically closed for repairs and renovations, playground equipment may differ from that described here, hours and other policies may have changed, and road changes and repairs may interfere with the directions provided.  Rothwell Park no longer exists as it was demolished to make way for the new Ting (formerly Charlottesville) Pavilion, which replaced the former Charlottesville Downtown Amphitheater.  The historic water fountain that existed at Rothwell Park has been moved to the renovated Court Square area across from the Albemarle County Courthouse.  The Downtown Recreation Center has been renamed to the Herman Key, Jr. Center.

Also, the City Parks and Grounds Division and the Recreation and Leisure Services Division have merged into a new department.  Michael Svetz has been hired by the City as the new Parks and Recreation Director and he began work on February 17th, 2004 and reports directly to City Manager Gary O’Connell.

The construction of the John W. Warner / Meadowcreek Parkway forced the removal of Bailey Park, the relocation of the McIntire Skate Park and the elimination of the McIntire Golf Course and also the McIntire wading pool.

Offsite links may have changed or may no longer exist.

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