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Welcome to
Washington Park Bog Garden

A bog garden is a special place where the land is saturated (wet) for all or part of the year.  This bog garden is usually wet all year; it is kept wet by a natural spring as well as precipitation and runoff from the nearby hill.

The moisture in bog areas attract an abundance of wildlife.  Various types of wildlife include frogs, turtles, salamanders, dragonflies and songbirds.

The plants here are native to Virginia and unique to this site because their roots require yearlong moisture.  The plants include Cardinal Flower, Ferns, Joe Pye Weed, Iris, Black Willow Rushes, and Butterfly Weed.  The bog garden has many seasons of interest; watch carefully as the bog grows and changes.

Special Thanks to the Albemarle Garden Club and Virginia Dominion Power.  Their financial and volunteer support made the creation of the Washington Park Bog Garden possible.

The plaque for the Washington Park Bog Garden, located in the Lower Level past the shelter and playground

The Washington Park Bog Garden
The Washington Park Bog Garden

Joe Pye Weed in the Bog Garden
Joe Pye Weed

The Washington Park Bog Garden
Cardinal Flower

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