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Tim Hughes
Charlottesville Va Parks and Grounds

In the Parks and Grounds Division, every day is Arbor Day for us.  We look forward to answering any questions or concerns you may have about our urban forest.

Advice on tree maintenance will appear here.

It Isn't Necessary to "Top" Your Trees!

Example of topped tree in first year

This is an example of a "topped" tree in the first year.  The top of the branches have been abruptly cut off in an attempt to control its height and shape.  Unfortunately, topping a tree damages it and interferes with healthy growth.  Below is an example of a tree 15 years after it has been topped:

Example of topped tree after 15 years

Proper tree selection will help prevent problems, such as too much shade, later in the life of the tree.  Here is an example of a naturally pruned tree:

Example of properly pruned Sweet Gum tree

While we cannot recommend specific businesses, when selecting a tree service, be sure to use one with a certified arborist on staff.

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