Adopt a Spot!
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Who can adopt a spot?

Anybody!  Individuals and groups.  Old and young.  You can adopt a spot!

What spot should I adopt?

A flower bed or grassy or wooded border along our public streets.  A spot in the park, or on a school ground or playground.  You can adopt any publicly owned space that is managed by the Parks Division.

Because of safety concerns, Parks Staff must meet with all volunteers before they begin a project, and reserves the right to prohibit adoption of an area that may be too dangerous to volunteers.

How do I get started?

Just call the Parks Division at (434) 970-3585 or (434) 970-3589 and ask for the Volunteer Coordinator, or email Adopt a Spot!  We can work with you on a plan for the spot you adopt.  Your commitment can be for as little or as much as you want to do.

Need tools, mulch, plant materials, advice?  Parks Division staff will provide you with anything to get started.

A Special Place

As you travel around Charlottesville, you may see a special flower bed or tree or patch of grass that you admire.

Whether it's a publicly owned spot in your neighborhood or a piece of city-owned property adjacent to your work or even just a pretty place you drive by every day, those places help make Charlottesville the beautiful city that it is.

Our Adopt a Spot program is a way for you to help keep those special places beautiful for every one to enjoy.  And when you adopt a spot you give us the opportunity to create new special places within the city.

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