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1998 Project Description
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Construction of the new recreation building
   Planning for the future of Washington Park began with the development of the "City As A Park" master plan by Gregg Bleam. The master plan set in place long range goals for the City of Charlottesville's park system and conceptual designs for seven of the City's parks, Washington Park being one of the seven.

   In planning and designing a neighborhood park it is important to focus on the historical connection between the site and the people it serves. As a neighborhood park, Washington Park has a unique character that has evolved from its individual landscape and its extraordinary history. The important task of researching the history of Washington Park was conducted in part by The Carter G. Woodson Institute, which was established by the University of Virginia in 1981. Gina Haney from the Woodson Institute was instrumental in researching the history of Washington Park through city and personal records. In addition, Gina conducted oral interviews with city residents who were interested in sharing their memories and knowledge of the park's history.
Site plans
Aerial drawing from Gregg Bleam
Plan of upper level
   After the completion of the master plan, the firm of Farmer, Puckett and Warner Architects was hired to provide design and engineering services for the new pool. David Puckett served as the principal for the pool renovation. The firm of Gregg Bleam Landscape Architect was hired to provide architectural and engineering services for the park design. Gregg Bleam served as the principal for the overall park design. The Carter G. Woodson Institute worked in association with Gregg Bleam in the documentation of the history of Washington Park. The project is managed for the City of Charlottesville by Bill Letteri of the Public Works Department.

    During the budget process city Council allocated $950,000 in Capital Improvement Funds, available July 1, 1997, for pool and park renovations with an additional $350,000 held in contingency with review and approval of plans. In addition, approximately $190,000 remains in unspent capital funds which were allocated the previous year.

   The Washington Park renovation project is a unique collaboration between the private, public and state sectors. However, the success of the project is largely dependent upon the interest, support and dedication of the neighborhood citizens which Washington Park serves. Community involvement and decision making are both meaningful and essential. Some of you have been involved in this project for many months, while others are only now learning how to become involved. We hope that all interested Charlottesville citizens will take the opportunity to partipate in the ongoing design and decision making process.

   You can be involved in many ways. A working committee, composed of citizens and city staff, advises the design staffs on a variety of issues, including park and pool designs, community networking, and neighborhood and community concerns. This committee will meet once or twice a month from now until the completion of the project. If you would like to join this committee, please call Parks Division at 804-970-3589.

1998 Washington Park Renovations and Community Involvement

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