McGuffey Park
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This delightful little park of 1.1 acres sits atop a hill next to the McGuffey Art Center at Second Street N.W. and Jefferson Street (location).  In 1945, this land was donated by the City to the Charlottesville School Board; in 1974, the School Board gave the land and adjoining school back to the city as a gift to become the McGuffey Art Center and to form McGuffey Park.  Park facilities include half-court basketball, playground and benches.

Dogs must be on leash and under control.  City code requires dog owners to clean up feces of dogs in their care; a plastic bag dispenser/waste receptable is provided for cleaning up dog waste.  Failure to abide by the leash law and dog feces cleanup law is a Class 4 misdemeanor.

Parking is available on the street.  The park is open 6AM to 9PM.

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McGuffey Park

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